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Eco-Friendly Ongoing Pest Control

Fiore Pest Control believes in providing ongoing, eco-friendly local pest control that’s focused on each person's individual concerns regarding how unwanted pest activity will be controlled around their home. This customized Quarterly or EOM service is part of what makes Fiore Pest Control the best pest control company in Elkhorn, WI & surrounding areas. Providing locally owned professional customer service since 1988, we proudly serve Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Specializing in Ants, Boxelder Bugs, Bed Bugs, Carpenter Ants, Centipedes, Earwigs, Fleas, Ladybugs, Mice, Millipedes, Pillbugs, Silverfish, Spiders, and Stink Bugs.

Mouse Control

Do you have a mouse problem? Mice can surely be a pest and are being found inside and outside. Mice have health risks form sanitation issues to allergies and asthma in some people. Now is the time to inspect for possible entry points around homes and buildings! Mice only need about 1/4" (about the size of a pencil head eraser) to gain entry inside. Mouse proofing in addition to setting up mouse stations is a sound way to help prevent mice from moving in with you. Learn more about our services for mouse control near Elkhorn, WI today.  

Bed Bugs

Fiore Pest Control follows the Integrated Pest Management Approach for the control of bed bugs, which focuses on:  Properly identifying that bed bugs are present, Inspecting all rooms thoroughly for bed bugs, focusing on the bedrooms. Advising the customer on cleaning, vacuuming, and removal of clutter for all possible harborage areas, and Sealing crevices to eliminate shelter areas, if needed. Concluding the initial inspection service assessment a determination will be made as to whether or not treatment is warranted. 

If the initial inspection does not confirm bed bugs, a detailed monitoring program may be initiated using passive and active monitors. Once confirmation of bed bugs has been established a treatment plan will be discussed such as a non-chemical treatment like dry vapor steam or a chemical treatment such as botanical, repellant, non-repellant, or insect growth regulator. Typically a combination of all treatment types work best for effective bed bug control. 

At the conclusion of the bed bug service, an on-going IPM program will be set-up to help prevent and monitor for any future activity. When bed bug infestations are caught early they can be easily controlled with an effective Integrated Pest Management Approach. It is extremely difficult to penetrate all of the bed bug hiding places, so each customer’s IPM approach will need to be adjusted as circumstances change.   

For further information on how to determine if you have bed bugs and prevent their spread, visit from NYC Health on Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Safely.

Fiore Pest Control follows the Integrated Pest Management Approach (IPM). The IPM process Fiore Pest Control follows consists of 6 steps for success: 

We’ll assess your property and customize our service to meet the requirements of your home’s size, layout, and the nature of your infestation. We are known for fast and friendly service. When you work with us, you can count on receiving superior service every day.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, contracts are not required, except for the treatment of bed bugs.

What will you do when you come to my home or business for my free estimate?

We will inspect the obvious and unobvious areas of pest activity.  Identify the pest in question.  Discuss with you what the normal threshold of activity should be.  Discuss the control measures needed to reduce the pest activity being observed.  Talk with you about what the effectiveness of the Integrated Pest Management Approach should be once service begins.

What pests do you control?

Our pest control service covers a wide variety of pests.  Here is a list of the most common pests we are asked about, but please contact us if you have issues with other pests.  We do not do any wildlife control work.

Do you offer pest proofing?

We offer pest proofing as part of our service for mice control.  Mice only need a head of a pencil eraser to gain access to your home.  We are only licensed and insured to do mice proofing with copper mesh.  We cannot guarantee that all access points will be accessible and located.  We can provide you with additional information as to the appropriate contractor for more permanent exclusion.

Have an insect you need help identifying?

Give us a call, go to or e-mail for the UW Madison Department of Entomology - Insect Diagnostic Lab to submit your insect for identification.

Do you offer same day service and evening appointments?

We offer limited same day service and evening appointments based on availability, Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

What are your primary service areas?

Our primary service areas are Walworth County, Wisconsin including Delavan, East Troy, Elkhorn, Fontana, Lake Geneva, Williams Bay, and Whitewater.  We also service Brookfield and Burlington, Wisconsin, and Lake Forest, Libertyville, and Spring Grove, Illinois.

How much can I expect to pay?

Based on the estimate we give you, we will develop a service plan that meets your needs. Our rates are typically 10 - 15% below our competitors.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We prefer cash or check, as this allows us to keep our rates down. We do accept credit card payments.

Are you licensed?

Yes, Fiore Pest Control holds licenses in both the state of Illinois and the state of Wisconsin for Structural Pest Control.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured.  We will provide proof of insurance upon request.

Are you a BBB accredited business?

Yes.  Go to for further information.

Is your work guaranteed?                                                                                                        

Yes, all work is guaranteed as follows: all initial services are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of service. All ongoing services are guaranteed for 90 days after the second service has been completed. All work is guaranteed thereafter for 90 days in between the service interval selected. Call Fiore Pest Control today to learn more about our ongoing, eco-friendly pest control services.  

Do you provide a home watch service as part of your pest control service?

Yes, we provide residential home watch service.  If you are looking for true piece of mind while you are away, Call Today For More Information!